All information on this page is from postponed 2020 trip and will be updated with new information as soon as it is available.

Activities, Costs, etc.

At this point, we plan to arrange group tours based on what people want to do. Everyone can choose whether to do the day’s activity, arrange your own tour, or hang out at the Fireweed Lodge and use their facilities (kayaks, hot tub, fitness center, gaming court for horseshoes, etc).

Here are the more expensive tour options (prices for other excursions will be worked out with the tour operators):

Fireweed is a fishing lodge that offers day charters at the following rates:
 2 people per boat $900
 3 people per boat $1100
 4 people per boat $1200

Flightseeing: $300-400 for a flight, nature walk, and narrated tour (about 3 hours)

Half-day whale watching tour: $200 (from Ketchikan)
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